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Hemodialysis, or simply dialysis, is the process of using a machine to clean the blood of patients whose kidneys have stopped working properly.

How dialysis works

Dialysis filters waste products and excess fluid in the blood through a semi-permeable membrane using a special liquid called dialysate. Patients may require temporary dialysis treatment for minor loss of kidney function or permanent dialysis support for complete kidney failure. Dialysis treatment must be carried out three times a week, with each session lasting around four hours.

There are two types of dialysis, and each one uses a different membrane for treatment:

  • hemodialysis (artificial membrane)
  • peritoneal dialysis (natural membrane - lining of the abdomen)

Multidisciplinary care

We work closely with the intensive care unit to provide care to patients requiring emergency and/or temporary dialysis treatment. Appointments are also available for dialysis patients who are travelling in the region, so that they can continue their treatment while away from home.

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