Thank you for choosing Aeromedical  Center in Geneva for your Aeromedical Fitness Examination, we look forward to welcome you. Please find below some organisational  information.

Type of examinations

  • Class 1 pilots (initial review and reneval)
  • Class 2 pilots (initial review and reneval)
  • Air traffic controllers (class 3 exam)

Date and documents for your exam

We kindly ask you to request your appointment by e-mail : aemcgva(at) It's not necessary to be fasting.

The exam consists of two parts:

1. With various medical tests depending on the type of license (eg.: Blood, lung capacity tests, ECG, audiometry, etc. ..).

2. Complete eye examination (if initial review class 1) is completed by Dr de Haller, at Hopital de La Tour.

This day you have to bring : 

- Your identity card
- Your flying license
- Your medical certificate
- Your  prescription of your eyeglasses (or contact lenses)

Procedure upon arrival on site

1. Check-in will take place at the Aeromedical Office, located at 2nd floor, Av. J.D. Maillard 9.

2. Blood testing will be performed at Dianalabs laboratory, located on the ground floor.

3. The medical examination will be performed at Aeromedical Center (Av. J.D. Maillard 9). Please present yourself at the reception and complete the medical questionnaire 

    and sign it in the presence of the doctor.

4. Ophthalmology examination will be performed by Dr de Haller. Plan to pay the costs on site.

The AeMC medical team.

Aeromedical Examiners  

Samir Vora, MD, Pierre Raimondi MD, Raoul de Haller


Contact Address:
Av. J.D. Maillard 1bis  
CH-1217 Meyrin/ Geneva
Phone: +41 22 719 75 66
Fax:     +41 22 719 63 34
Mail:    aemcgva(at)


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