Here all services which deal with the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases are brought together under the same roof. The Hospital works 24 hours a day and always has specialists and advanced technology available to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment. La Tour is the only private hospital in Geneva to have an intensive care unit, a catheterization room available at any time and a cardiac surgery unit. It can therefore pledge immediate and effective care of every cardiac patient.

Every year, the Hôpital de la Tour organizes Franco-Swiss conferences in cardiology, which bring together many specialists, internists and general practitioners.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and arteries.

Since 1981, under Dr Antoine Bloch, Hôpital de la Tour has a cardiovascular department which closely follows the development of new techniques and therapies. Each patient receives the treatment most likely to ensure rapid recovery. The service cooperates closely with the cardiovascular surgical team based in la Tour – one of the best-known in Switzerland. In all, there are no less than 14 heart specialists, together with many other experienced staff on hand who watch over the ‘heart’ of their patients.


A cutting edge service

For the last 20 years, cardiovascular surgery has been a speciality at la Tour. Eminent surgeons treat the full range of conditions affecting the heart (coronary artery disease, valve ailments, congenital anomalies) and arteries (shunts, arterial prostheses etc), with the exception of transplants. The medical and ancillary team cooperates closely with the intensive care unit. They provide highly specialized, ongoing treatment, and take steps to establish a close relationship with patients and their families.

Non-invasive techniques

As in the other departments of the Hospital, particular attention is given to non-invasive methods in cardiology. Echocardiography and techniques using Doppler effect are applied to examine the heart and its function by ultrasound. These now play a key role in the diagnosis and identification of treatment of cardiac pathologies. Similarly, angiography –which is very useful for certain vascular conditions or before surgery– makes broad use of the latest imaging techniques. Moreover, the radiological department of the Hospital is equipped with the latest, high-performance technology.


Cardiac reabilitation at La Tour

Cardiovascular rehabilitation is a fundamental element of the healing process.
Designed for patients who have had a heart attack, bypass surgery or a valve operation, or for those who suffer from heart failure, the program is based on an individualised ambulatory approach. On leaving the Hospital, the patient begins the process of rehabilitation, so recovering, or even improving upon his physical capacity and degree of autonomy enjoyed before the treatment, and thus can return to normal activity under the best possible auspices.


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