All patients are entitled to strict and absolute medical confidentiality. This can extend as far as that staff may not even know the patient’s identity.
Anonymity is the guiding principle applied to HIV tests. In Geneva, some testing centres may not comply with this rule, but it is scrupulously applied at the Meyrin Medical Centre, a member of the La Tour network.

Every working day, we receive people who wish their identity to be kept secret. They want to know, a commendable wish and maybe even a duty with regards to partners. Maybe they are afraid of having being exposed to the virus, or want to move forward in a relationship, and enjoy unprotected intimacy. Maybe they belong to a high risk population. To each their own, whatever the reason patient confidentially is scrupulously respected as well as the individual’s anonymity.

The procedure is simple: a blood test and the payment, on the spot, of a modest CHF 55.- This is a low figure in the price range generally applied for such a service. Note that this sum will not be reimbursed by insurance cover –in order to preserve anonymity!

The person is assigned a number on an identification card. Three days later, he comes back for the result and that’s all it involves.

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Anonymous HIV testings are performed in Centre Médical de Meyrin.

Opening Hours

From 7:30 to 18:00, no appointment needed.


Fees :

55 CHF cash, payment directly at the centre.

Result :

The results are given 3 working days after, by presenting the identification card.