Created in 1990, our Oncology Department is responsible for the diagnosis, initial treatment and follow-up of patients who present with cancer.
When the diagnosis is made by the oncologist, or after surgery, a specialised team takes over to provide personal and dedicated care of the patient. The team will provide the patient and family with all the necessary information required to cope with the disease and planned treatment.

After hospital treatment, and depending on the pathology, the patient may continue on an ambulatory basis.

The doctor responsible keeps in touch with the oncologist, to provide further support and follow-up as necessary. In the department itself, the team is trained to prepare and oversee treatments, whether chemotherapy or other advanced forms of therapy. Thanks to its experience and extensive knowledge, the team is in a position to reassure the patient and respond to any fears which might arise.  

Finally, if the disease should develop unfavourably, each member of the staff offers individual support to the patient and the family. The team is highly trained in the treatment of pain, and comforts the patient at all times, also by providing psychological support.
The oncology unit will provide specialist care for the patient at every level, thanks to its large, multi-disciplinary, highly experienced and versatile staff. 

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