Welcome to the Clinique de Carouge

Founded in 1972, in the heart of the Sardinian neighbourhood, the Clinique de Carouge is in constant evolution and modernization. This makes it capable to provide high quality care, personalized service and ensure a comfortable stay in a warm environment.

This medical and surgical institution comprises 26 beds distributed into rooms with either two beds or private rooms.

The technical platform of the surgical unit, completely renovated in 2006, offers cutting-edge technology in order to provide for many types of specialised surgery.
Our emergency department welcomes all patients without appointment 24/7.
Clinique de Carouge is also a centre providing versatile FMH-specialist consultations, working in collaboration with the CDRC (Centre of Diagnostic Radiology, Carouge).


  • Head of the Medical Unit  :
Dr Pierre-André Tornay
  • Head of Administration  :
Mr Jacques Garnier

Tél  : +41 22 309 45 45

Fax : +41 22 309 45 00

  • Billing :
Tél : +41 22 309 45 38

Payments possible by electronic system (EC-direct and credit cards)        

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