The Cardio-Pulmonary Centre of la Clinique de Carouge offers all human and technical means required for the ambulatory care of patients with cardio-respiratory diseases.

In addition to clinical consultations with therapeutic or preventive purpose (cardiovascular risk factors, help to stop smoking, therapeutic education), the technical services performed on site include:

  • Doppler ultrasound-heart
  • cardiologic effort test (bicycle)
  • ECG Record 24-hour (Holter)
  • R-test (ECG recording over several days)
  • Blood pressure registration over 24 hours
  • pulmonary spirometry
  • body plethysmography (measurement of lung volumes),
  • pulse oximetry
  • night polygraphy (sleep breathing disorders)
  • arterial gazometry
  • bronchoscopy,
  • pulmonary effort test
  • puncture / pleural biopsies
  • help for putting on and the monitoring CPAP devices (treatment of sleeping and breathing disorders).



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