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Quality at Hôpital de La Tour

Our commitment is always to deliver quality and we continue to invest in this area by implementing dedicated measures. In this context, we present a quarterly quality project carried out within the facility that focuses on care processes.

Transparency and comparability of quality services

As part of the arrangements in place, we are first and foremost committed to the transparent publication of quality indicators provided by the Swiss National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ). ANQ coordinates and implements standardised measures that primarily focus on acute somatic patients admitted for care. If it is agreed upon that transparency and comparability are fundamental for improving quality, we need to make sure that comparisons between hospitals are fair when it comes to communicating the results.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a universal quality indicator that can provide objective information on the overall quality of a hospital and, as a result, the correct classification of different health care facilities. However, the transparent publication of certain quality indicators can highlight problems and bring about improvements by providing arguments to support investments and develop strategies.


Less is more

In order to strengthen and improve our quality approach, we incorporate clinical results as well as medical care processes into our treatment measures to standardise practice. We also support the ‘Smarter Medicine - Choosing Wisely Switzerland’ movement whose aim is to identify commonly used medical procedures that are not supported by evidence and provide no real value for patients. Based on the concept that less is more, this movement encourages medical professionals to acknowledge that excessive treatments can sometimes have more risks than benefits for patients. It is an innovative way of thinking and a great opportunity to promote sustainable medicine and patient safety..