Dr Jorge Sierra's cardiac surgery team was the first in Switzerland to use a da Vinci Xi robot to operate on a patient suffering from mitral regurgitation (a leak in the valve that lets blood flow from the atrium to the left ventricle) at Hôpital de La Tour.


Surgery conducted using the da Vinci Xi is more precise. The surgeon controls the instruments held in the da Vinci Xi's four robotic arms remotely. 

The benefits for patients are:

  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Almost no scarring
  • Less time spent in hospital

Thorough training and regular use are required for using the da Vinci Xi, guaranteeing optimal use and ensuring surgery goes well. 

Since Hôpital de La Tour acquired the first version of the da Vinci Xi and started to use robot-assisted surgery in 2008, it has spent time setting up a programme of training, supervision and regular checks for anyone who uses this new technique, so that the best surgeons can have access to the latest medical innovations and technology.

Dr Jorge Sierra, FMH (Federation of Swiss Doctors) specialist in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, has been practising robot-assisted surgery since early 2016. He is available to answer any questions relating to da Vinci Xi surgery by email at robotdavinci(at)latour.ch.