The medical/surgical intermediate care unit, together with the cardiopulmonary unit at the Hôpital de La Tour, has been officially approved by the Swiss Committee for the recognition of 4-bed intermediate care units (CRUIMC).

This will guarantee quality in accordance with rigorous criteria governing quantity and quality, essentially in respect of the clinical competencies of the medical and care teams, space allocation per patient, equipment and staffing. Thus far, the Hôpital de La Tour is the only private establishment in French-speaking Switzerland to be given the benefit of this recognition (1).

The above unit is operated under the medical responsibility of MDs Alain Bigin Younossian, Mathias Tschopp and Tomoe Stampfli, and Mrs. Nicole Fonck, nursing manager. The purpose of the medical/surgical intermediate care unit is to offer patients highly specialised care and close monitoring.

Persons receiving care in intermediate care structures generally present with medical or surgical conditions requiring close and specific monitoring, not to mention complex treatments that cannot be provided in a classic acute care unit, but that do not, or no longer, require intensive care.

A close collaboration with specialists at the Hôpital de La Tour and a high degree of interaction with the different units (emergency care, intensive care, internal medicine and surgery units) are factors that contribute to efficient care of patients undergoing surgery or suffering from various medical pathologies.

This newest recognition further strengthens the technical services at the Hôpital de La Tour, which also encompass emergency care recognised by the SSMUS (Swiss society of emergency medicine), a next-generation catheterisation lab, intensive care recognised by the SSMI (Swiss society of intensive care), multipurpose x-ray facilities and a comprehensive panel of medical/surgical specialists.


Alain Bigin Younossian MD, head doctor jointly responsible for the pulmonology, cardiopulmonary and intensive care units

Mrs. Nicole Fonck, nursing manager of the cardiopulmonary unit.