An infrastructure focused on movement The La Tour Medical Group is to open its new B2 building dedicated to movement. The new edifice built on 26,000m2 is home, in particular, to the Swiss Olympic Medical Center of the Hôpital de La Tour, as well as a rehabilitation centre boasting cutting-edge equipment. The new infrastructure embodies the desire to place movement at the heart of health concerns. The new building is an investment in the future, enabling the group to develop its skill centres and consolidate its commitment as a hospital firmly rooted in the region.


A working tool for patient care

The result of investments totalling 120 M CHF, the new building offers, aside from its sports medicine centre, a state-of-the-art technical facility comprising operating blocks, radiology and nuclear medicine equipment and a radiotherapy room. It offers 64 private hospital beds, as well as two floors of consultation rooms. Furthermore, B2 also boasts multi-disciplinarity by assembling under one roof eleven orthopaedic surgeons specialising in joints, a rheumatology centre, neurology centre and an endocrinology, diabetology and obesity centre. Such diversity not only caters to global care, but also permits synergies between all the medical activities of La Tour, from diagnosis to treatment. "Our expanding activities, the arrival of scores of doctors, and our growing skill centres mean that our infrastructures must keep pace. I am proud to open a building that embodies our group's ambitions", proclaimed Nicolas Froelicher, CEO.

Movement, the common denominator

While the La Tour sports medicine centre is renowned for its provision of care to elite sportsmen and women, 80% of its patient base do not practice sport assiduously, or at a professional level. More often than not, its patients are suffering from injuries or pathologies requiring rehabilitation or a gradual reintroduction to physical activity. Thus, movement is the focus of attention in building B2 and the common denominator uniting all the activities conducted therein. It provides a series of facilities for individuals for whom movement will assist in their recovery or cure, including patients in remission from cancer, or those afflicted by obesity or a neurological deficit. The new building also firmly establishes the La Tour Medical Group in its role as pioneer in the field of sports medicine and helps meet the requirements imposed by the Swiss Olympic Medical Center label, obtained in 2015. "This building is the result of a vision. When my brother and I founded the Sports medicine centre at La Tour over 20 years ago, we had a space measuring 20m2! Today, we are able to deploy our expertise thanks to a carefully designed infrastructure combining cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment", underlined Dr Finn Mahler.

Gradual introduction of medical teams

The new building has gradually been brought into operation over the last few months and this will continue until the end of 2018. The sports medicine teams, the neurology centre and the endocrinology, diabetology and obesity centres are already set up in their new premises and receiving patients. The rehabilitation centre will be the next to take up residence in B2.


La Tour opens the new B2 building on video