In anticipation of a hospital stay:

When a hospitalisation is decided with your doctor, he or she will contact us to make a reservation for you. We then send you the various forms to complete your application, such as:

  • letter of invitation explaining the steps to follow depending on your type of hospitalization;
  • admission form which is to be completed and signed;
  • please carefully fill out the questionnaire for the anaesthetist, 
  • kindly add a copy of your insurance coverage (basic and complementary), with which we will
  • seek a guarantee from your insurance company.

These documents will be returned as soon as possible using the reply envelope.
If the time between our invitation and your admission is too short you can bring these documents with you no later than the day of admission.

For further information please contact our Booking & Admissions services,
by phone or by email.

Admission Day:

Please introduce yourself with your letter of admission to one of our receptionists.
Once all the formalities are settled, an aide will take you to the room.



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