In the Maternity Department, everything is designed to allow the parents to experience the birth of their child in a relaxed atmosphere.

The expectant mother can give birth in a secure environment, surrounded by a highly experienced,multidisciplinary medical team using the latest medical technology.
Midwives, nurses, childcare specialists, paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, ancillary nursing staff provide a 24 hours a day service. Over 40 specialists are on duty to assist mother and child, in a highly skilled, multi disciplined team. They cooperate closely with the gynaecology & obstetrics department, providing ongoing, highly professional care for the patients throughout their stay at the hospital.

The maternity service, completely renovated in 2008, has four attractively furnished birthing rooms, of which two have baths specially designed to help relax the mother during labour. We have a range of semi and private rooms and 2 suites. A wireless monitoring system allows greater freedom of movement, in perfect safety. The birthing technique advocated by Bernadette de Gasquet, often proves popular. Additionally, an anaesthesiologist is available to administer an epidural anaesthesia if needed or desired.


Since 1998, Hôpital de La Tour has obtained «WHO» certification for breastfeeding policy and promotion of «rooming-in», considered an important step strengthening the bond between mother and child.



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