A team will perform an individual health screening and store your medical file on website and help you to obtain a doctor's appointment and medical advice or fast track access to a hospital or a clinic.


Many patients want to have a rapid and comprehensive evaluation of their health condition and this implies multidisciplinary consultations adressing the relevant symptoms and complaints. Such a facility has long existed at Hopital de La Tour where consultant physicians and individual patients have taken advantage of the possibility to centralize evaluation and examination. Otherwise, this approach is only possible in an Emergency Room where, by definition, the patient will wait in a queue.There is no other center in Geneva or in Switzerland which currentely offers this service. We also will provide fast access for expats or visiting patients who often need pre-operative screening or health check at short notice. The plan is to offer several examination booths, a reception, a secretary to handle the scheduling and administrative work from 8.30 to 6PM; the patient will be seen for a 30 or a 60 min consultation period by a experienced practioner who speaks a few languages.


The most innovative and original aspects of our product are:

  •  Fast track access to high level expertise
  •  A comprehensive health survey
  • A memory stick or a website containing the entire medical le (X rays, Lab tests results, dietician report, etc.)
  • A 24h/24 hotline at request

The memory stick with the medical file will be updated every year by Med-Net who will incorporate any relevant reports from other sources provided by the patient, thus contributing to an almost complete and global picture of the patient's health condition.

As stated before, this type of structure does not exist at the moment outside Emergency Rooms. We also can provide expert knowledge from Centers of

Excellence as, for example, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, by videoconference on request and also at short notice.

Market needs ?

MED-NET needs to be part of a system capable of offering an oustanding level of medical treatment in radiology, cardiology, diabetology, urology, dermatology,ENT, gynaecology, nutrition, sports medicine, orthopedy, neurosurgery, rheumatology, psychiatry, aging and cognitive problems, etc. in a particular place at a given time.
A partnership with a well-established international insurance company could also enable Med-Net to deliver the full extent of its services.

Our target population consists of the local community, in Switzerland and in neighbouring France, the employees of multinational corporations, international civil servants working in various international organisations headquartered in Geneva, visitors attending meeting and conferences for a short time in our city, and high net worth individuals with their families who live in Geneva and could be interested by a family office approach to their extended health needs.

Med-Net already has premises on the campus of Hopital de la Tour consisting of an office with few examination booths, one and a half secretary, for the moment there or part-time doctors who meet


Our aim is to minimize the likelyhood of developping illnesses or disabilities by enhancing your quality of life thanks to:

  • Personnalized medical check-ups performed by the above practioners along with a list of recognized tests to identify a possible underlying disease and adress your health concerns.

  • A health strategy which we will work out together with you on the basis of arst consultation which will be shared with your GP.

  • Our management of your health situation which will be facilitated by the fact that all your medical data are collected and stored on a memory stick or a website.

  • A reminder service for vaccinations, boosters, colonoscopy or other routine medical examinations which need to be performed at regular intervals.

A telephone hotline 24h/24, at request, to an experienced doctor for an opinion, or medical advice


Av. J.D Maillard 11
CH-1217 Meyrin
Tél.  +41 22 719 60 61
Fax. +41 22 719 61 50

  • Joignable de 8h30 à 12h et 13h45 à 15h45
  • Répondeur à disposition

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