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Swiss Center For Preventive Medicine

The Swiss Center For Preventive Medicine - Highcare is a highly specialized institution designed to help you maintain and optimize your health and physical fitness. Our health assessments come with personalized advice that will give you the keys to preserving your health as you age.

Every patient is unique and has his or her own personal health goals. However, we all share the desire to grow old gracefully while in full possession of our physical abilities and mental faculties.

Be and become better

Thanks to innovative medical approaches and to the joint effort of various specialists at the Hôpital de La Tour campus, we are ready to meet your specific needs, based on your age and individual medical history. We offer you a personalized plan for staying in good health.

Highcare is for anyone who would like to get an overview of their health and recommendations for maintaining it. Our center is also intended for companies that are concerned for the wellbeing of their employees and managers.

Based on innovative diagnostic methods, which have been scientifically and clinically validated, our Highcare checkups go beyond an ordinary checkup. Epigenetic tests and measurements of different biomarkers, obtained through a blood test, reinforce more traditional tests. They allow us to get to know your current health status and to identify any potential risks on which we can take preventive action.

Highcare Checkup 1 - An accurate picture of your health

This checkup, performed by an experienced physician, offers you a complete evaluation of your health. It is suited to both individuals and companies that wish to offer their employees an initial health evaluation.

It includes:

  • An analysis of your personal medical history along with a clinical examination.
  • A basic biological workup (through a blood draw) which includes a complete blood count, measurements of kidney, liver and thyroid function, levels of iron, zinc and certain vitamins, and screening for diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • An electrocardiogram (EKG) in order to detect cardiac dysfunctions.
  • A measurement of advanced glycation end products in your body. Advanced glycation end products are known markers of your biological age. They are measured noninvasively in the skin, with a device that uses the autofluorescence of these compounds.

Highcare Checkup 2 - Next Steps

For those who would like a more complete overview of their health, Highcare Checkup 2, which can be done in a day, includes everything in Highcare checkup 1 plus several additional tests:

  • A measurement of your body composition and, if appropriate, your bone density. Measuring your body composition allows us to evaluate the relative amounts of muscle and adipose tissue in your body. A bone density measurement allow us to identify any bone decalcification. Both measurements are obtained using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
  • A stress echocardiogram under the direction of a cardiologist associated with the Swiss Center For Preventive Medicine. This examination allows us to reliably assess your cardiac reserve under stress (through physical exercise or intravenous pharmacological stimulation) and to detect signs that indicate a possible obstruction of the coronary arteries.
  • A Doppler measurement of the thickness of your carotid artery wall, in addition to (if appropriate) ultrasound imaging of your intracranial arteries, performed by a senior neurologist associated with the Swiss Center For Preventive Medicine. This measurement allows us to accurately assess the state of your arteries and is a direct reflection of your risk of having a stroke.
  • An assessment of the impact your lifestyle is having on your biological age by creating an epigenetic profile through a blood test. Based on cutting-edge developments in genetic medicine, this test measures changes in the functioning of your genes brought about by your lifestyle (eating habits, alcohol and tobacco use, physical activity).
  • A blood test that measures different biomarkers. These advanced biomarkers allow us to accurately determine your metabolic, hormonal, nutritional and inflammatory profiles.
  • An assessment of your level of oxidative stress and antioxidant reserves through a blood test. Oxidative stress is an important and treatable factor in cellular aging.

Additional services

Assessments of your genetic risks of heart disease or type 2 diabetes are also available upon request. Each assessment will be based on a specific Polygenic Risk Score, which is obtained by analyzing your genetic material (DNA obtained through a blood draw). These scores are a very useful supplement to the evaluation of your traditional risk factors and they allow us to personalize preventive measures.

High-level specialists who work on the campus participate in Highcare and may be consulted if necessary.

We provide estimates for any proposed examinations beyond the overall assessment offered by Highcare. Highcare checkups, as well as additional assessments, are not covered by mandatory health insurance.


Our accommodation options

If further tests are required and you need to be at Hôpital de La Tour for longer than a day, we have a selection of private rooms and medical suites so that patients can stay on site, subject to availability. We can also arrange for you to stay in a five-star hotel near our hospital.

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