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Sports Medicine

Since the creation of the Sports Medicine department at the ‘Hôpital de La Tour’ in 1995, our objective has remained the same:

To maintain or restore the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system for all our patients, whether they are sports professionals or amateurs.
From diagnosis to treatment, each person can benefit from care administered by a multidisciplinary team, on the cutting edge of innovation.

This constant quest for excellence and experience acquired over many years, on the part of the teams and professional athletes (Servette Football Club, Meyrin FC Football Club, Swiss Basket, les Lions de Genève Basket, Les Aigles de Meyrin Handi-Basket, Rugby Club du Cern, Alinghi, Stade Genève Athlétisme, Lancy et Genève Natation, Swiss Ski, Ski Valais, etc.) has allowed La Tour Sport to become one of the leading sports medicine centres in Switzerland. In particular, La Tour Sport is accredited by Swiss Olympic.

Finn Mahler
Medical Director of La Tour Sports Medicine

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The practice of physiotherapy in orthopaedics and sports has proven its worth over many years. In this context, it focuses on prevention, evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal system complaints, and above all musculoskeletal damage such as fractures, bursitis, tendinitis, muscular and ligament tears, slipped disks and much more. It draws on a variety of therapeutic approaches to help improve patient afflictions and allow movement to be restored. Techniques such as manual therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, stabilisation and reinforcement exercises, cryotherapy and taping can therefore be administered by the physiotherapist to complete treatment.
The physiotherapy department at ‘Hital de La Tour’ is composed of experienced physiotherapists and ensures that patients receive quality care, through therapeutic knowledge that is constantly updated, the use of cutting-edge equipment and knowledge of the latest treatment techniques. Physiotherapy treatment is aimed as much at hospitalised patients as those requiring outpatient care.

Philippe Marchand, physiotherapist

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