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An overview of Hôpital de La Tour

A private hospital delivering the highest standards of care

Hôpital de La Tour stands out from other private facilities by offering key areas of medical expertise:

  • a 24/7 emergency department, accredited by the SSERM (Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine)
  • an SSMI (Swiss society of intensive care medicine) intensive care unit and a progressive care unit accredited by the CRUIMC (SSMI’s commission for the recognition of intermediate care units)
  • internal medicine and pulmonology departments (acute care)
  • neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), accredited by the SSN (Swiss Society of Neonatology) as Level II A 

We are the only private facility in Romandy to combine these hospital departments, enabling us to competently manage complex cases and offer multidisciplinary and comprehensive care to our patients.

Multidisciplinary teamwork putting our patients first

Hôpital de La Tour has a wide range of on-site specialists who work together on our extensive premises. Our patients benefit from multidisciplinary and comprehensive care as well as personalized support, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up consultations. Having our team of specialists in this one location ensures our patients receive the best possible care for their medical condition and general health.

A teaching facility for a high standard of care

As one of the largest private teaching centers in Romandy, Hôpital de La Tour welcomes 40 junior doctors and fellows across 12 training programs every year. It also ensures the next generation of doctors promote and continue our medical excellence and high quality of care. 

Our commitment to being a teaching hospital ultimately means we can spend more time with patients. Our senior doctors who take on a supervisory role are required to keep up-to-date with the latest medical advances in order to meet the demands of the Swiss institute for postgraduate and continuing medical education.

Training at Hôpital de La Tour

Our core facilities

  • 172 beds
  • 1 intensive care unit with 10 beds
  • 1 accredited progressive care unit with 4 beds
  • 8 operating rooms
  • 2 cardiac catheterization laboratories
  • 24/7 emergency department
  • 4 delivery suites
  • 1 NICU
  • 1 ISO 9001-certified sterilization unit

Our latest-generation equipment

  • 1 radiotherapy linear accelerator machine (Varian Edge)
  • 1 radiotherapy CT scanner
  • 2 ultrasound rooms
  • 1 mammogram room
  • 2 X-ray rooms
  • 1 EOS orthopedic imaging system (full-body X-ray of spine and lower limbs)
  • 2 spectral CT scanners
  • 4 MRI scanners
  • 1 SPECT-CT scanner
  • 1 digital PET-CT scanner
  • 1 bone density scanner
  • 1 Da Vinci Xi®
  • 1 O-arm™

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