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Medical Committee

Chair of the Medical Committee
Dr F. Meier

Chief Medical Director (CMO)
Dr F. Cerruti

Dr S. Cayette / Dr B. Rossillion

Gynaecology / Obstetrics
Dr D. Chardonnens / Dr J.-L. Anguenot

Cardiovascular Medicine
Dr E. De Benedetti / Dr C.- I. Park

Dr P. Hauser / Dr A. Witzeling

Emergency Care
Dr L. Hicklin / Dr N. Moser

Sports Medicine
Dr F. Mahler / Dr S. Sayegh

Abdominal Surgery
Dr J.-M. Megevand / Dr B. Gold

Internal Medicine
Dr N. Petriccioli / Dr O. Kherad

Dr A. Lironi / Dr B. Vargas

Intensive Care
Dr M. Ritz / Dr M. Tschopp

Dr E. Schaub / Dr A. Walser

Dr D. Fritschy / Dr A. Schopfer

Dr F.-X. Troillet / Dr E.-L. Leung Ki

Cardiopulmonary Unit
Dr A. B. Younossian / Dr A. T. Stampfli

Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr M. Montessuit / Dr P. Myers

Centre médical de Meyrin
Dr N. Dottrens / Dr L. Hicklin

Dr A. Pugliesi

Head and Neck Surgery
Dr A. Terzic

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