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Postnatal relaxation with an Ayurvedic massage

This massage is both dynamic and replenishing, revitalizing the body while being deeply soothing. A generous amount of warm oil is applied to the whole body and rhythmically massaged into the skin, from the scalp to the toes, to release tension and restore physical and emotional well-being.

We offer a full-body 90-minute massage with impressive benefits.

Who is it for?

All new mothers (whether you have your baby with us or at another facility).

We recommend that women wait six weeks after giving birth before enjoying this massage.

Our experts

This massage is performed by one of our midwives at Hôpital de La Tour who is trained in Ayurvedic massage techniques.

Practical information

Consultation days 

1 to 2 days a month


Appointments and inquiries


Hôpital de La Tour
Maternity unit
B1 building
3rd floor

Price and reimbursement

150 CHF 
Please contact your supplemental insurance provider for information about coverage and reimbursement. . 

When you have your baby at Hôpital de La Tour, you will receive a contribution to the cost of all our services. For more information, please email the maternity unit:

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