Hôpital de La Tour has an emergency medicine service open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It has the necessary infrastructure to provide first aid, make a diagnosis and keep watch however serious the condition of the patient. It can use a reanimation room, another to set plaster casts and various other consulting rooms.
The several specialties represented at the Hôpital de La Tour cooperate closely with the emergency service, to ensure that each patient admitted receives the best possible attention and treatment.

All patients who are covered by basic health insurance can be cared for at the emergency service of the hospital. If upon examination and diagnosis, surgical or residential care is required, patients who prefer to be treated in another institution or those without appropriate complementary health insurance are redirected to the University Hospital. Owing to the many specialties at work at the Hôpital de La Tour, its technical resources and to capabilities, the remaining patients can usually be treated in house.

Four practitioners, Drs François Cerruti, Philippe Dussoix, Francis Meier and Patrick Praplan, are responsible for the management of the unit, with the support of a team of doctors, nurses and ancillary providers.

A key role is played by the Triage Nurse, who is responsible for the evaluation of the nature and seriousness of the presenting patient, and who records initial data such as his identity and personal data, pathology and visible symptoms, and degree of urgency.

After admission, the patients are directed to a holding area before being examined and given appropriate treatment in an individual cubicle. 70% of patients, not including those at risk of dying, are treated in less than half an hour. Since early 2006, a computerized program for management of the premises helps make optimum use of resources, increase efficiency and acts as a valuable statistical tool.


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