“Delivering care is an art and a science, which requires the participation of a whole team, of which you are a member”.

The intensive care unit of Hôpital de La Tour is certified by SSMI.

If you or one of your loved ones is found in intensive care, the situation may prove to be delicate and difficult. Rest assured that the whole team will focus on the patient's well-being and that of his loved ones, to make the stay as bearable as possible.
Technical care, but also comfort and support are provided, with complete respect for the patient.   
Our premises   

Out unit is located on the ground floor, and is made up of six individual beds including one isolation bed, and three twin bed areas.  The Intensive Care unit is separate from the rest of the hospital and cutting-edge equipment is on hand to provide intense care and a specific waiting room for loved ones.   
Our team   

Our department is managed by 3 spcecilists, FMH in Internal Medicine and Intensive Medicine., with assistance from two medical doctors.

Dr Marc Ritz (Chief dept. doctor)
Dr Mathias Tschopp
Dr Alain Bigin Younossian

This team is also reinforced by 2 interns doctors present 24/7.

The team of nursing staff is made up of:

1 chief nurse
2 nurses in charge of training and education program
27 nurses,
7 auxiliary assistants who are supervised by a head nurse 

They work closely with specialists and other healthcare professionals depending on the specific needs of each of our patients.   
Useful information for loved ones  
On arrival, we ask you to announce your presence with the bell at the entrance and to wait in the waiting room. The person responsible for the care of your loved one will then come to collect you.  
In order to respect the rest and privacy of all patients, as well as department requirements such as emergencies, medical visits, examinations and hygiene care, the medical team may ask you to wait or reduce your visiting time. We do not recommend that you bring children.  However, there may be exceptional circumstances. 
In addition, if you wish, you may meet with the medical team during visiting hours by requesting an appointment with the nurse.   

The nursing team may be reached by telephone 24hrs a day on (+41) 22 719 60 60.   

Information is purposefully limited to respect confidentiality and medical secrecy. There are no direct lines to the bedrooms. Your calls will be transferred by auxiliaries in order to preserve patients' rest time.       
For hygiene reasons we do not allow flowers or plants. Your mobile telephone must be switched off to avoid any interference with medical equipment. Hand washing facilities and plenty of sanitizer dispensers are available for you in the waiting room and in each bedroom. We would ask you to please respect the guidelines on display and the isolation procedures.  
If you wish, you may spend significant periods of the day with your loved one: meals, music, etc. For other requests, please contact the nurse. All the staff endeavour to ensure that trust, vigilance, respect, effectiveness and listening are the watchwords in the unit. 


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