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Is fondue good or bad for your arteries?

The beginning of autumn and the colder winter months usually coincide with changes in our diet and food; we tend to have more hot meals that are often richer and sometimes based on fondue. However, dairy products have been considered as unhealthy for a long time due to their high content of saturated fat. So, let's find out if fondue is good or bad for your arteries...

Today, saturated fatty acids are no longer believed to cause an increased risk of heart disease. Recent prospective epidemiological studies have actually shown that dairy products are instead associated with a reduced risk of cardiometabolic disease. Moreover, fatty acids from dairy products have been linked to a significant and near-constant decline in the likelihood of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Saturated fats are also no longer associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. In contrast, some studies have actually reported that they can reduce this risk.

The benefits associated with dairy products are also from other nutrients than just fatty acids, including calcium, functional peptides and even lactic acid bacteria. However, it is important not to overlook the importance of healthy eating in the health benefits that have been highlighted in recent studies on dairy products. Ultimately, there may be a correlation between consuming certain dairy products, such as yoghurt, and a healthy lifestyle that promotes a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, as the latest studies seem to confirm, and as long as you enjoy a balanced and varied diet, it appears that you can eat fondue without worrying about your arteries.


Raffi Maghdessian, Manager, Nutrition Unit at Hôpital de La Tour