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Baby massage

Touch is one of the first senses that babies develop in utero and is necessary for their subsequent psychological and emotional development. By massaging your baby, you will reinforce baby’s awareness of his or her own body.

Massage can help your baby to feel confident and secure. A massage is a moment of in-depth relaxation: it can asssist with various problems such as colic, digestive issues and constipation, it can improve sleep and generally help to soothe your baby.
From birth and until baby’s first birthday, massage can contribute to strengthening the bond and enhancing communication between you.

Who is baby massage for?

Parents who are interested in learning baby massage techniques. Both parents are welcome. Classes are given in French, so a basic understanding of the French language is necessary.

Who by ?

The massages are given by a specially-trained healthcare professional from our maternity ward. You will learn how to massage your baby by practicing the various techniques shown on a doll.

Practical information

Our group sessions of four couples at most consist of four sessions of approximately one and half hours each. We will show you simple techniques that you can use at home.

When ? 

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Hôpital de La Tour
Bâtiment B12
ground floor

Price and reimbursement

180 CHF for women giving birth at Hôpital de la Tour
200 CHF for women not giving birth at Hôpital de la Tour

Please contact your complementary health insurance provider for information about coverage and reimbursement.

For further information please send an email to 

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