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Dermatology and laser centre

The dermatology and laser centre at Hôpital de La Tour is proud to have over 20 years of expertise and experience in laser treatments. You will be looked after by a specialist and competent team, under the supervision of a highly-knowledgeable dermatologist, in a welcoming environment. We provide extensive advice and help you to choose the most appropriate procedures that will deliver the best results.

Our laser treatments

Hair removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure that removes dark unwanted hair. The procedure can have permanent results depending on the area of the body treated (half-leg, bikini line, underarms). Our state-of-the-art centre is also fully-equipped to safely and effectively treat all skin types, including Asian, African and Indian skin. Laser hair removal usually requires a series of five to ten sessions. We offer consultations for further information and patch tests.


Laser treatment can effectively eliminate couperose on the face and chest. Our team has extensive experience in treating these tiny blood vessels that cause unsightly redness.

Age spots

Age spots, sometimes called liver spots, can be easily removed from the face, hands and chest over one to two sessions.

Tattoo removal

Unwanted tattoos can be completely removed, or significantly reduced, using a laser to break up the pigments of colour within the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal usually requires a series of five to 15 sessions (please contact us for an estimate on price and number of sessions). Please note that it is extremely difficult to remove or lighten permanent make-up.

Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening

Sagging skin that has lost its elasticity can be tightened using high-intensity focused ultrasound. Loose skin on the neck, face and stomach can be treated using this innovative technique.

Is laser treatment right for you?

Send a photo of your problem area to and we will be happy to let you know if we recommend laser treatment for you. Please note this service is free and can only be used to find out if laser treatment is recommended for you.

Our prices

Hair removal


Individual areas

  • Laser couperose removal: 200 to 300 CHF
  • Laser tattoo removal: 200 to 300 CHF
  • Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening: price available on request
  • Laser age spot removal: price on consultation


For more information, download our brochure here. (in French)

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