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Exercise physiology laboratory

Our exercise physiology laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to study your energy metabolism rates during physical exercise. Our innovative diagnostic tool can be personalised to provide you with a detailed assessment of your performance and/or health.

Our services

The exercise physiology laboratory is used in two main areas of expertise.


A series of assessments determine the level of your metabolic, cardiovascular and muscular capacities and provide follow-up actions and care. This approach is aimed at performance and assesses your physical fitness to plan and track your training, test for signs of overtraining and even help you return to fitness.


In-depth analyses provide a detailed assessment of your heart and lungs as well as your metabolism. Your health will always be our top priority. The various tests have a wide range of benefits: from detecting any problems with your heart and lungs, to finding out the reasons behind any difficulty experienced during physical activity, to even assessing how fats and carbohydrates are used when you exercise. The analyses will also help our specialist team to determine which training is best for you when planning your return to fitness.

Our exercise tests

  • Whether you are an athlete, someone who enjoys exercise or you want to improve your health and fitness level, each test is personalised and carefully tailored to your profile, ability and goals.
  • Each test is performed on a specific exercise machine, such as a bike, treadmill or rowing machine.
  • A wide range of physiological parameters are recorded during this examination, including your maximum oxygen consumption during exercise (VO2 max), breathing and heart rate.
  • One of our highly-experienced specialists will then discuss the results of each test with you and propose specific follow-up actions.

Areas of use

Sports performance

  •     Physical fitness assessment
  •     Training for competitions
  •     Planning and scheduling training
  •     Preventing overtraining


  •     Physical fitness assessment
  •     Preventing cardiovascular risks
  •     Support with a return to fitness
  •     Treatment for obesity


Assessment: 280 CHF

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