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Gait and motion analysis laboratory

A personalised biomechanical analysis enables our specialists to enhance your technique and establish a plan to perfect your performance. We also offer plans to prevent injuries and monitor your health.

Our patients

Our state-of-the-art facility is for anyone who wants to learn more about their running or walking technique or find out about another movement that is not necessarily related to sport.

Our services

Quality movement patterns aid performance and also help to prevent injuries in running and many other sports. Measuring plantar pressures and forces, as well as their specific timings, forms a key element of our innovative gait and motion analysis.

What do we measure?

The direct motion test is recorded using high-speed cameras to provide a detailed assessment of your technique. This assessment is also performed alongside standardised and quantitative clinical tests based on the functional assessment of muscle chains.

The tests performed in our gait and motion analysis laboratory use different geometric features. This applies to all or part of the following analyses:

  • Two-dimensional quantitative gait analysis to measure walking/running technique
  • Quantitative analysis of plantar pressure, impact force and key muscle activity of the lower limbs recorded using an electromyogram (EMG) during walking/running or any other sports-related movement
  • Quantitative analysis of the strength, endurance and power of key muscles depending on the physical activity
  • Quantitative analysis of the flexibility of key muscles depending on the physical activity
  • Clinical analysis of the mobility of key joints depending on the physical activity
  • Running shoe analysis
  • Training analysis

Our specialists will then provide a debriefing session after the series of tests. They will work with you to establish an effective prevention or monitoring plan and demonstrate a set of exercises carefully tailored to your specific requirements.

Areas of use


  • Quantitative gait and motion analysis for walking, running and movement as a valuable diagnostic tool or prevention
  • Preventing musculoskeletal injuries related to motion and movement

Sports performance

  • Running gait analysis and comprehensive assessment for prevention and performance
  • Information on how to enhance motion and gait for all abilities
  • Advice on strengthening, stretching and coordination exercises in relation to the assessment
  • Advice on equipment, training and schedules


Session: 200 CHF

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