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Maternity osteopathy consultations

Osteopathy uses gentle, natural and manual techniques that can be carefully tailored to this important time of life. It delivers essential care in our maternity unit for both mothers-to-be and new mothers.

Osteopaths specialising in maternity care provide extensive expertise and support in terms of your body’s physiological changes, labour and delivery and your baby's healthy development. It is based on gentle manual techniques that are safe for both mother and baby.


Osteopathic follow-up care restores balance to the body and relieves uncomfortable symptoms experienced during pregnancy, such as:

  • back, pelvic and sciatic nerve pain
  • perineal heaviness or a bearing down pressure in the pelvis
  • acid reflux, constipation 
  • shortness of breath and rib pain 
  • sleep disorders, stress 
  • swelling and heavy, aching legs

After your baby is born

You will be able to see one of our specialists for a consultation about six weeks after your baby is born, or earlier if necessary.  An osteopath will aim to restore your pelvic floor muscles.

Maternity osteopathy consultations can also help with postpartum recovery by treating the following health issues:

  • fatigue, anxiety and stress related to breastfeeding
  • back, pelvic and pubic bone pain
  • pain or tightness related to episiotomy or caesarean section scars
  • stress urinary incontinence
  • difficulty restoring your body’s balance

For newborn babies and children

Labour and delivery can be a traumatic experience for babies. Early testing for functional problems affecting your baby’s healthy development enables an osteopath to act quickly to achieve the best possible results.

An osteopath can treat your baby for the following health issues:

  • following a delivery using an epidural injection, caesarean section, forceps or suction cup
  • sucking and feeding problems 
  • screaming, crying, irritability 
  • reflux, regurgitation
  • constipation, colic 
  • sleep disorders 
  • torticollis, as well as other asymmetrical distortions of the skull (plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome) 
  • ENT problems (ear infections, runny nose, bronchitis, etc.) 

Multidisciplinary care

This osteopathic care is delivered while working closely with a highly-specialised care team made up of:

  • midwives
  • maternity nurses

The secretarial office

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