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Radiology is the interdisciplinary specialism that uses different medical imaging techniques, such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans, to produce detailed images of the inside of the body.

The images are interpreted by radiologists to establish an accurate diagnosis. Your doctor then uses this diagnosis to establish the most appropriate treatment plan for your medical condition. Radiology also involves performing small procedures (for example, injections, biopsies, drainages, etc.) using minimally-invasive techniques; this sub-specialism is known as interventional radiology

Our department

Our specialist team is made up of radiologists, radiographers, secretaries and receptionists, and we are committed to delivering advanced care in a modern and welcoming environment while looking after your comfort and safety at all times.

Patients are referred for medical imaging examinations by doctors within the facility. Examinations are performed by appointment from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Our department is open 24/7 and we can provide around-the-clock care for patients arriving at our emergency department.

Areas of expertise

Our highly-qualified team has extensive expertise in performing and interpreting medical imaging examinations in the following fields:

  • radiology for women
  • chest and abdominal radiology
  • bone and joint radiology
  • neuroradiology
  • prostate radiology
  • ENT radiology

Examination referral and results

Referral for an examination by your doctor

In most cases, your doctor will refer you for a medical imaging examination by using a referral form (in French). Your doctor will specify the type of examination and what he or she is looking for.

Examination report and results

Once you have had your medical imaging examination, a radiologist will interpret the images and send a report to your doctor as quickly as possible. In most cases, the radiologist will not be able to make a diagnosis immediately after the examination.

As soon as your doctor receives the report from the radiologist, he or she will discuss the results with you and decide the most appropriate treatment for your medical condition.

Image storage

Medical imaging examinations generate thousands of digital images; these are stored on a picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Doctors who have ordered the examinations are then able to use this system to view the images of their patients after requesting access from our online radiology support team. Images can also be sent by the online service; your personal access codes will be displayed at the bottom of the examination report.

Our examinations

Please find below a list of our medical imaging techniques as well as useful information to help you prepare for your examination.

Our equipment

We are proud to offer the latest technology, including:

Two Philips CombiDiagnost remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems

One Philips iQon CT scanner

This has a spectral imaging option, which is often used for follow-up scans for cancer patients.

Two Philips Ingenio 3 Tesla MRI scanners

These are equipped with antennas to meet all imaging requirements as well as software for planning radiotherapy.

Two Philips Epiq 5 and Epiq 7 ultrasound devices

One Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D mammography system

This performs two-dimensional mammograms and three-dimensional breast tomosynthesis.

One Atec Sapphire breast biopsy system

This performs minimally-invasive biopsies during mammograms.

One EOS orthopaedic imaging platform

The first medical imaging system that provides images of the spine and legs while the patient is standing or sitting.

Why choose Hôpital de La Tour?

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities

We are proud to offer comprehensive, state-of-the art facilities to ensure you receive the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment. Our radiology department has been extended into the brand-new B2 building, so that we can accommodate new equipment from the latest generation of medical imaging systems, including EOS orthopaedic imaging.

Interdisciplinary services for comprehensive care

Radiology is an interdisciplinary field that provides diagnostic support for all other medical specialisms. At Hôpital de La Tour, you will always receive the highest standard of care for your medical condition, from diagnosis and beyond. Our department works closely with on-site specialists to ensure we always deliver consistent, comprehensive and multidisciplinary care.

Meet key members of the team

Administrative manager, Radiology department

Philip Veitch
Telephone: +41 (0)22 719 61 75

Manager, Radiology department

Dominique Ratheau
Telephone: +41 (0)22 719 61 74

Numéro dédié à la prise de rendez-vous pour les examens radiologiques des seins

Afin d’optimiser la prise de rendez-vous pour les examens radiologiques mammaires, notamment dans le cadre de la prise en charge du cancer du sein, numéro dédié est à la disposition des médecins et des patientes : +41 22 719 77 67. 

Ce numéro spécifique permet de prendre rendez-vous pour les examens suivants : 

  • mammographie
  • mammographie avec la Fondation genevoise du dépistage du cancer
  • échographie mammaire
  • biopsie mammaire ( micro biopsie ou macro biopsie sous échographie et sous stéréotaxie)
  • IRM mammaire
  • pose de clip ou de hameçons
  • etc.

Related specialties

2 secretarial offices

Secrétariat pour les examens radiologiques des seins