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The Thalasso/Therapeutic Baby Bath®

Created by Sonia Krief, the Thalasso/Therapeutic Baby Bath is a treatment for newborn babies. It offers a space for emotional expression and the freedom to move in a familiar environment: water. It provides a time of listening and relaxation... but also a return to the memories and sensations experienced during pregnancy and birth.

For whom?

These baby baths are for:

  • premature babies
  • babies born by caesarean section
  • babies delivered using a vacuum or forceps
  • baby and parents are separated at birth
  • cases of difficult deliveries

But more importantly, these baths are for all babies to help to reassure them and overcome anxiety.

By whom?

The bath is given by a nurse from our maternity unit, a babywearing instructor and certified in Thalasso / Therapeutic Baby Bath (approved by Sonia Krief).

Practical information

One session lasts approximately two hours, and includes taking a detailed history, the bath time itself, followed by skin-to-skin contact with the parents.



Hôpital de La Tour
Bâtiment B12
ground floor, first door on the right

Price and reimbursement

200 CHF

Please contact your complementary health insurance provider for information about coverage and reimbursement.

For further information please send an email to 

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