Dr Marc Pechère, creator of the Centre in 2000 and his team are pleased to welcome you to the Centre Laser Dermatologique of Hôpital de La Tour.

Behind performance machines, there is a whole team : Caroline, Manon, Malika, Emilie and Danièle.

We propose an expert advice and a selection of the right treatment with care and safety in a friendly atmosphere.

The laser treatments are known for indications such as :

Laser hair removal

With the use of the alexandrite laser, a significant and long-lasting reduction in unpleasant dark hairs can be achieved after just a few sessions. A very elegant alternative to conventional hair removal techniques.

For dark skin (Mediterranean, Asian or African phototypes), the AG-long pulse Y laser is used to great effect (please specify the skin type: fair or dark, when making the appointment).



Rosacea treatment

The pulsed multiple colour laser system is the perfect tool to remove small unwanted blood vessels.



Pigmentation spots

Face, back of the hands, etc. “Age spots” are easily removed in one or two sessions!



Tatoo removal

Tattoos which are no longer wanted may be completely or mostly erased using a pigmentation laser. Several sessions are required!  (estimation of the number of sessions and cost on request).
On the other hand, the permanent makeup is very difficult to remove.

Vous avez la possibilité d'envoyer une photo à l'adresse laser(at)latour.ch afin que nous puissions vous dire si nous pouvons vous aider.
D'autres techniques sont à disposition, pour d'autres indications. Vos questions sont les bienvenues.

NB. Les traitements esthétiques ne sont pas remboursés par les caisses maladies.
Pour l'épilation, la consultation d'information avec une zone de test est offerte.

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If you have a question concerning laser treatment, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at laser(at)latour.ch 



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Contacts for the Center

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+41 22 719 65 15