This programme is designed for parents with type 2 diabetes, the aim is to encourage them to start exercising within a supervised structure with assistance from a specialised team and to establish a healthy lifestyle. 

Why DIAfit

Encouraging exercise is all part of the general treatment for diabetic patients, because it prevents the development of the disease and the onset of diabetes-induced complications.

Regular exercise has a positive effect on cardiovascular risk and well-being.

How does the DIAfit programme work ?

The DIAfit programme includes a specific re-adaptation programme for diabetic people.

This programme is aimed at both professionals and those who have already retired.
An initial evaluation is conducted by DIAfit doctors to determine the patient's eligibility for the programme (absence of contraindications such as acute coronary disease or a neuropathic ulcer). 

Readaptation programme for diabetic people

The initial programme provides patients with 36 exercise sessions (one session three times a week) as well as workshops/conferences given by the multidisciplinary team every Monday.

This programme is given in certified DIAfit centres.

Clinical evaluations of the patient (biological parameters, motivation, physical condition) are performed at the beginning and at the end of the programme.

All these services are covered by basic healthcare insurance.


Aquagym (at Hôpital de La Tour)

Gym-based exercise
These activities allow patients to meet other people who are in the same position.
This programme has the backing of the Endocrinology and Diabetology Society, the healthcare system, pharmaceutical firms, and the Foundation for the improvement of chronic patients' quality of life. It falls under the medical responsibility of Dr Alain Pernet.


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Dépliant DIAfit

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