Neonatology Intermediary Care Unit: a new private infrastructure in Geneva

From 34 weeks gestational age.

The Neonatology Intermediary Care Unit at the Hôpital de La Tour treats premature infants from 34 weeks of gestational age as well as babies born at term with difficulties in adapting after birth. 

Cutting-edge medical equipment.

Under the leadership of Dr El-Gowhari, FMH Paediatrician and Neonatologist, the team at this new unit provides optimal care and careful monitoring of these babies in distress, through the use of cutting-edge medical equipment, provided to guarantee safe medical care and to ensure the new-borns benefit from a natural routine: incubators, n-CPAP respirators, monitoring, phototherapy cribs, etc. 

The unit has a special partnership with the Maternity ward at the Geneva University Hospital, which transfers its severely premature babies to us, once stabilised, to finish their hospital treatment and prepare them for an unhurried return home. 
Through the continued efforts of the whole team, the department is currently recognised as Level IIA by the Swiss Society of Neonatology (SSN), which puts us in second position in Geneva, directly behind Geneva University Hospital.

Nurturing parental ties.

It is important to underline that neonatal adaptation difficulties are usually temporary. This intermediary care unit therefore strives to avoid hurried and costly transfers for babies to the Geneva University Hospital, but through the most suitable framework, helps to nurture parental ties, which are still fragile at this particularly vulnerable time in neonatal development.
The structure of the department has been designed to provide the best and closest proximity of the parents to their sick child.

In order to reinforce parental ties, the team encourages parents to take an active role in every aspect of their baby's care. Parents are also invited to use the “kangaroo” technique as soon as possible. This involves holding the baby against their body, with skin-to-skin contact right from birth, which helps to forge the initial parent-child bonds.

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