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Guidance for Registering with a Maternity Unit

Choosing the right maternity unit to deliver your baby is an important aspect of your pregnancy. At Hôpital de La Tour, our patients are supported and guided throughout their decision-making process. Our new midwife patient coordinator, Katherine Potter, helps our patients to make the best decision for them.

Future parents always have the option of going to visit the site before registering with a maternity unit, which gives them the chance to meet the team and inspect the facilities. These visits will also provide an opportunity not only to respond to the numerous questions that new parents often have, but also to get a feel for the premises. “The atmosphere here is very calm, which is often appreciated,” explains the coordinator.

A Multi-Disciplinary Establishment 

Being familiar with an establishment because you have already been there for other forms of care or because it offers other medical specialisms also plays an important role in choosing where you want to give birth. The maternity unit at Hôpital de La Tour benefits from being situated at the heart of a multi-disciplinary establishment, with numerous recognized specialties on site.

Safety First 

Our maternity unit has level IIA accreditation from the Swiss Society of Neonatology. “It’s a particularly important point, which guarantees the safety of babies.”
The location may also be a determining factor, of course, as well as the place where the mother-to-be is registered or where their gynecologist is based. 

A Wide Range of Services to Accompany Mothers throughout Their Journey

The range of services provided by the maternity unit at Hôpital de La Tour may also influence the patient's decision: the establishment offers various special services, including gentle cesarean, antenatal classes, perineal rehabilitation, and various alternative treatments (reflexology, acupuncture, homeopathy, different types of massage) both before and after giving birth. “We do all we can to respond to the specific needs of our patients throughout their maternity journey.” In fact, throughout the pregnancy and after delivery, the staff at the maternity unit at Hôpital de La Tour make every effort to provide individual support.

Registration Is Easy

Once the future parents have made their decision, it is usually the doctor that reserves a place for the mother in the maternity unit. After that, the maternity unit at Hôpital de La Tour takes care of everything: it contacts the patient’s insurance company and handles the various administrative procedures required. The mother-to-be is then sent the papers to sign by courier.

There is no strict deadline for registering. You can register at any time after the 34th week of pregnancy. “Recently, a woman registered two days before giving birth. We can guarantee a place for everyone; there is always a solution,” assures the coordinator.

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