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Paternity Leave: A Special Place for Fathers-to-be at Hôpital de La Tour

Our maternity unit is delighted that the two-week paternity leave the Swiss people voted for has entered into effect. As of 1 January 2021, fathers can take advantage of a precious time to be with their partner, welcome their newborn and fully share the first moments of this new life as a family.

Father-child bonding thanks to paternity leave

This is not a trivial matter for fathers because their role is essential to their child's development. Fathers can now become better prepared. In concrete terms, dads now have the option of taking 10 days’ leave within six months of the birth, either all at once or in individual days. The two weeks of leave granted to new fathers allows our establishment to further expand the special attention we pay to future parents. The couples we welcome are encircled by a team that includes gynecologists, pediatricians, midwives and nurses - in the same place - from the first ultrasound until the baby is brought home.

From birth, newborns seek attachment and affection from their parental figures. Within the family circle, the strong bond children develop with both their parents will influence their future relationships. A baby who feels a strong attachment will become a well-socialized baby. The father’s presence is thus crucial for the newborn’s mental and emotional development. It also helps regulate the baby's sleeping and eating patterns. Fathers have been present in the delivery room with their partners for several years now. This is a sign that they want to be fully involved in this new relationship.

Proactive dads in the maternity unit, from the moment the baby is born

Private parent rooms in our maternity unit offer a special, intimate setting to welcome the new arrival to the family, allowing fathers to stay close to the mother and their child both day and night. With the supportive presence of their partners, mothers also recover more quickly after giving birth

Promoting the father's role is essential to creating a close bond with the child. At first, this closeness develops mainly through skin-on-skin contact and through helping to care for the newborn. During their stay in the maternity unit, fathers benefit from a warm and welcoming setting to build this new relationship. In addition, Hôpital de La Tour invites fathers to participate in many courses and workshops offered by its experts, throughout the pregnancy and after delivery.

The quality of pregnancy care at our maternity unit therefore benefits from the new paternity leave. In a welcoming setting for the partner, and thanks to cutting-edge techniques, couples receive the best support possible and can take full advantage of this very special new stage in their lives.