Giving birth in serene surrounds, and the safest of hands.

The maternity unit at Hôpital de la Tour:
State-of-the-art care for you and your baby. World-class safety and pregnancy care, and all the comfort you need.
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At La Tour, you and your baby’s well-being are our number-one priority.

We’re here to offer comfort, care and warmth through every step of this life-changing moment, drawing on the best of both worlds: all the expertise of a cutting-edge maternity hospital, paired with the luxury comforts of a clinic and pregnancy care center.

This is your maternity unit. And your experience.

  • A birth that reflects your priorities and needs
  • Complementary and alternative therapies
  • Caring, pro-active staff
  • A partner-friendly maternity unit
  • Holistic, multi-disciplinary care


...per mother during labor to ensure you feel relaxed and reassured throughout
MFM center
The only maternal-fetal medicine center of its kind in Romandie handling high risk pregnancies
...brought together in a single maternity unit, and a multi-disciplinary clinic that includes pediatrics and a neonatal intensive care unit
The canton’s only private establishment to be awarded 2A-level accreditation by the Swiss Society of Neonatology
Pediatric, gynecological, and obstetric emergency services, in addition to 24/7 medical cover
Caring for preterm babies from 32 weeks, and births from 34 weeks
With you every step of the way, to ensure your pregnancy is an unforgettable experience » 


  • 1. Preparing
    for your labor
  • 2. Enjoying your stay
    at La Tour
  • 3. Getting ready
    to welcome baby home
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Guiding you through your pregnancy


At the Echofemme de la Tour center 3D ultrasound unit, you’ll be able to follow your pregnancy every step of the way.

This is an opportunity for you to meet your baby for the first time and, for your doctors, to conduct a pregnancy risk assessment, ensure your pregnancy is going smoothly, and check your child is developing healthily.

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Get to know our maternity unit and discuss your labor plans with one of our midwives.

Take a personalized visit, learn more about our approach to birthing, and get the answers to all your questions – from ‘what does an obstetrician do?’ to ‘how do I find a midwife near me?’

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Tailoring your stay


Comfort, safety, and security are our top priorities, which is why we do everything we can to ensure you’re welcomed into a warm space that caters to your individual needs and well-being.

Our private parent rooms and full package of services have been designed to give you the space you need to focus on what really matters: quality time with your baby and partner, and complete peace of mind.

  • Private rooms (including two suites) to enjoy the moment in complete privacy.
  • Elegant cuisine, tailored to your preferences.
  • Custom-designed support and a dedicated team of midwives and doctors to help you fully experience the moment.


We understand just how important it is to share this milestone moment. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure your partner can be by your side from start to finish, helping them build bonds with baby throughout your stay – both day and night.

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  • With you all the way
  • Active involvement
  • Meals


Delivery rooms, including two with bathtub, and accessories to help ease baby into the world.
Alternative approaches for a gentle journey (acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy, massages, possibility of a gentle cesarean section)

Gentle C-sections

With gentle C-sections (also known as natural, or family-centered, cesareans), mothers are given the opportunity to watch the birth for an experience that goes beyond a passive procedure.

A gentle C-section is a birth option that involves:

  • An innovative cesarean technique
  • Active pushing by the mother
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact from the moment the baby is born, in the operating room and in the presence of both parents.

The highest midwife-to-patient ratio in the canton: making sure you’re always in good hands.
Personalized advice, follow-up and care, in several languages, making you feel at home.
Our neonatal unit takes a professional, warm approach to caring for newborns, both preterm and full-term alike. »
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Welcoming baby home


The journey doesn’t end once you leave the maternity unit: you can count on us to support you in becoming the very best parents.

We provide tailored support, advice, and all the tools you need to embark on this new chapter with peace of mind.

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When the time comes for your family to return home, you can relax. We’re here for you with all the support you need to start life as a family.
  • Reassuring home support provided by independent midwives.
  • Personalized preparation, advice, and tips to help you seamlessly transition back into life at home.
  • Breastfeeding and perineum recovery consultations to help you get started on the right foot.



Being the best parent you can be, developing the right habits, and practicing self-care after birth: we help you strike the right balance with classes specifically designed to enhance you and your baby’s well-being.
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Get to know our private maternity hospital unit and discuss your birthing plans with our team. We’re looking forward to meeting you.
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Maternité de La Tour
Avenue J.-D.-Maillard 3, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

Emergency number

For obstetrical emergencies or childbirth as from 34 weeks of pregnancy, and provided you are registered with a doctor who delivers at Hôpital de La Tour, please call us on 022.719.64.86.


Will my insurance cover my pregnancy, labor, and postnatal care?
Insurance cover varies by policy and provider. For more insurance-related information, contact the Admissions team:

Monday - Friday: 9a.m. to 4p.m.
T. +41(0) 22 719 66 78
How much will my delivery cost?
Costs vary depending on individual circumstances, your labor preferences (such as vaginal delivery or caesarean section), any potential complications, and your insurance cover.

For more information about potential costs, speak to the Admissions team:

Monday - Friday: 9a.m. to 4p.m.
T. +41(0) 22 719 66 78
When can I be admitted for labor?
Our neonatal intensive care unit is ready to care for premature babies born at 34 weeks and above, as well as full-term babies showing any signs of difficulty after birth.
How can I prepare and what should I pack in my hospital bag?
Get prepared for labor and your stay at the maternity unit with these hospital bag essentials:

For you:
  • a robe/dressing-gown
  • a pair of slippers
  • three comfortable outfits that allow for easy nursing
  • two nursing bras
  • a toiletry bag and any personal items
For baby:
  • a cotton bodysuit
  • a set of pajamas
  • a hat
  • slippers
  • a going-home outfit suitable for the weather conditions
  • a newborn car seat for the day of discharge
Plan ahead: register with a pediatrician
We recommend choosing a pediatrician for your baby at around 34 weeks. If your doctor is not on La Tour’s list of approved practitioners, care for your baby during their stay on the maternity unit will be conducted by our on-call pediatricians.

ind our check-list for your stay
How do I register with the La Tour maternity unit?
Should you decide to give birth at the Hôpital de La Tour maternity unit, we’ll ask you to take the following steps to complete your registration:

  • Your (Hôpital de La Tour-approved) gynecologist will need to submit a registration request
  • Our appointments team will help check your insurance cover
  • You’ll be sent a full registration pack by post with all the necessary documents (admissions form and anesthesia questionnaire) for you to complete and bring with you when you are admitted
Can I give birth at the La Tour maternity unit if my gynecologist is not affiliated?
If your gynecologist is not registered on La Tour’s list of approved practitioners, they will not be able to support you through your delivery with us. You may however request that your gynecologist refer you to one of our approved gynecologists if you wish to give birth at La Tour. Alternatively, you may choose to register with a new gynecologist.
What is the average length of stay?
How long you spend with us will depend on the type of delivery you choose, as well as how you and your baby progress. For vaginal deliveries, you can generally expect to stay with us for four days. Cesarean sections, meanwhile, require a five- to six-day stay on average.
When can my partner and loved ones visit me?
Visiting hours: 1p.m. to 7p.m. (unlimited for partner and siblings).

Our visiting hours have been reduced in light of COVID-19 health and safety measures; only the baby’s parents and siblings are currently permitted to visit the maternity unit. These measures are likely to be relaxed as circumstances improve.

Patients can receive phone calls between 8a.m. and 9p.m.

Outside of these hours, and in case you have any questions, you can always contact main reception on +41(0)22 719 61 11.

For loved ones calling for updates about their partner, our receptionists will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.
How do I contact the pediatric emergency unit in the event of any problems?
Our pediatric emergency unit is open Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 10p.m. and weekends 8a.m. to 10p.m., by appointment.
To make an appointment, call +41(0)22 719 61 00
Who covers the costs of my baby’s stay?
Deliveries that take place without complication are charged to your insurance provider. In the event of complications, however minor, an invoice is sent to your baby’s insurance provider. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to take out prenatal insurance, including supplementary (complémentaire) cover. Don’t forget that you have three months from the date of your child’s birth to take out an insurance policy for them.