Thanks to its departments of emergency medicine, intensive care, and physiotherapy, and also to the technical infrastructure of the operating block, and the ongoing development of the radiology unit, the Hôpital de La Tour has many assets available to treat locomotor system disorders, whether of traumatic, stress-related or degenerative nature.

In addition to the multidisciplinary services, such as sports medicine and re-education, or the back clinic, a team of some ten orthopaedic surgeons operate at the Hôpital de La Tour, several have their offices on site. The patient can therefore be closely supervised from the initial examination through diagnostic radiology, then if necessary to surgery and post-operative re-education.

The recently-renovated operating theatres can undertake back surgery, repair of ligaments or prosthetic joint replacement, in certain cases even using computer-assisted surgical techniques. Such technology reduces the risks of complications and allows for less invasive operations, with corresponding benefits in terms of rapid recovery.


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