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Hand orthopedics and traumatology

This specialty deals with all medical conditions affecting the hand, wrist and forearm, whether they are degenerative, congenital or caused by a trauma.

Our services

Hand surgery specializes in treating all types of medical conditions and injuries involving the hand, wrist and forearm, from diagnosis through follow-up care. We treat a wide range of health issues and injuries, including:

  • fractures and breaks
  • wounds
  • nerve injuries
  • tendon injuries
  • vascular disorders
  • degenerative disorders

We also treat the following medical conditions:

  •  arthritis
  •  trapped nerves
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • cubital tunnel syndrome
  • bone and soft tissue tumors (cysts, skin tumors)
  • fractures and breaks
  • ligament injuries (sprains, strains and tears)
  • tendinitis
  • skin injuries and wounds (pressure sores and ulcers)

We offer a wide range of conservative and surgical treatments, including:

  • for arthritis:
    • rehabilitation (conservative Treatment)
    • injections
    • joint replacement surgery (replacing the joints of the fingers and thumb with prosthetic implants)
  • for nerve and vascular disorders:
    • hand microsurgery
  • for carpal tunnel syndrome:
    • endoscopic surgery

When do I make an appointment?

Our medical consultations are specialized consultations. In most cases, your primary care physician or rheumatologist will advise you to make an appointment with a hand surgeon. The emergency department can also refer you to our specialist team, or you can make an appointment if you are experiencing persistent pain in your hand, wrist or forearm.

Why choose Hôpital de La Tour?

Specialized rehabilitation

Hand therapy poses specific challenges linked to the mental image of the affected limb and requires treatment and support from specially trained therapists. The physical therapy - rehabilitation department at Hôpital de La Tour is made up of skilled physical therapists and occupational therapists who specialize in treating hand conditions and who work together with the surgical team to deliver the highest level of care.

Multidisciplinary and comprehensive care

Patients benefit from the expertise of all our on-site specialists to ensure the best possible care for their medical condition and health. We work closely with specialists from a wide range of fields including: