PresentationTwo qualified sophrologists have been based at Hôpital de La Tour for several years. They see patients during one-hour individual sessions, with or without medical prescriptions. This care is covered by some complementary health insurance schemes. 
The two therapists work on the physical but also emotional aspect of the patient. Biodynamic sophrology helps to relax, identify personal resources, develop well-being and serenity in the wake of a health concern.  It helps manage anxiety and tension when coping with a disease, birth or after a sports accident. It contributes to overall relaxation.
One of the therapists is a trained ergotherapist, the other is an orthoptist. The two sophrologists at Hôpital de La Tour attended the leading European psychotherapy schools. Their training encourages a holistic understanding of patients for optimal treatment.  Their professional skills are the result of several years' experience.  They apply various relaxation techniques to help the person to identify their underlying pain and tension.  Each sophrologist is there to guide her client, while respecting the pace of their convalescence and the events in their medical backgrounds. The aim of this internal sophrology department is to offer specific care to improve the convalescence or balance of the patient.
The sessions are covered by some complementary health insurance schemes.
Please ask your insurance company for more information, taking care to stipulate “Biodynamic Sophrology”.

Visit the website of the Association Romande de Sophrologie bio-dynamique for further information and documentation:

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