The Visceral Surgery Unit of the Hôpital de La Tour is renowned for the expertise of its doctors and for its advanced technical equipment. It is jointly chaired by Dr Jean-Marie Megevand and Dr Benjamin Gold, with the assistance of an intern, nursing staff, two stoma care therapists, and a nutrition unit.

The surgical team is highly experienced; enjoying the benefit of a continuing education program to keep abreast of the latest advances in surgical techniques and are subjected twice a year to anonymous quality control surveys.Thanks to the presence and support of the Intensive Care Unit, the Abdominal Surgery Department is able to undertake the most extensive operations on the liver, pancreas and rectum.

In addition to classical surgery, the unit performs a majority of operations via a laparoscopic approach, a minimally-invasive technique which uses the guidance of a camera, allowing for a far more accurate approach. This practice, which avoids major open surgery has many advantages for the patient: less pain, reduced risk of infection or complications, faster post-operative recovery etc. Oncological surgery also take place under the auspices of the same department, using laparoscopy on certain cancerous pathologies.  

Our operating block has recently been extensively renovated. It is located on two floors; has six operating theatres, a recovery room of seven beds and a ISO 13485:2003 certified sterilizing unit. Each theatre is equipped with the latest technology, in particular in the use of digital cameras and the Da Vinci Robot. The operating theatres function on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week.

Completion of the certification programme for ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)

Completion of the certification programme for ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)

After a year-long implementation programme, Dr. Jean-Marie Mégevand stood surrounded by his ERAS® team from the digestive surgery unit and Dr. Marie Malisse in November 2016 to receive the ERAS® certificate.

The protocol is comprised of over 20 metrics that when combined help reduce the stress of surgery, maintain patient physiological function, significantly cut down on post-operative complications and result in a shorter hospital stay and lower healthcare costs.

This standardised course of treatment works because it is interdisciplinary. Now mostly used in the field of visceral surgery, it is expected to gradually be applied in other specialities.

This label is a testament to the importance La Tour Hospital places on quality, innovation and the mindset of its nursing staff. Learn more at

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