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Hôpital de La Tour receives accreditation for environmentally responsible commitments

Published on 02.12.19

Hôpital de La Tour is committed to an environmentally responsible approach and has been pursuing a sustainable development strategy for several years. Starting in January 2018, we took steps to achieve ESR (Etablissement de Soins Responsable) accredidation, a special certification for responsible health care facilities that assesses their corporate responsibility and practices in terms of sustainable development. Our hospital was able to meet the stringent criteria and was therefore awarded the accreditation in September 2019. We are delighted that the hospital’s strategy to reduce the impact of activities on the environment and society as well as control costs has paid off. Hôpital de la Tour is extremely proud to be the very first facility in the canton of Geneva to achieve this accreditation. It allows us to integrate sustainable development within our hospital and promote existing approaches. We are constantly implementing measures to raise awareness in order to convey the message of our environmentally responsible approach and drive continuous improvement.