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Information for patients and visitors concerning coronavirus (COVID-19)

Published on 06.03.20
Testing for COVID-19
If you think you might have COVID-19, we kindly ask you to take an appointment online before coming to our testing center. In case of high attendance and if no appointment is available quickly, you can check the availability of the other screening centers at the HUG and at the Clinique de Carouge.

Test results are sent within 48 hours.

Hôpital de La Tour offers patients regular medical consultations and scheduled surgeries again. For this purpose and in order to continue the fight against COVID-19, we would like to update you about the measures we have put in place and remind you of the guidelines that should be followed during the pandemic.

Hôpital de La Tour and COVID-19

Hôpital de La Tour will not treat patients with COVID-19. Please note that:

  • The testing center for people with symptoms of coronavirus has been relocated outside of the hospital buildings. The centre is open 9AM-12:30PM and 1:30PM-5:30PM Monday through Friday and 9AM-2PM on Saturdays, by appointment only. Please book your test using the form on the top of this page. On Sundays, only people displaying alarming symptoms of the disease will be tested through our emergency care express way.
  • Patients who test positive for COVID-19 and need hospitalisation will be immediately taken to the HUG and will not be hospitalised at Hôpital de La Tour.

When to get tested

The general recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health for the most common situations are detailed below. A comprehensive explanation on PCR tests and the cases when they are advised can be found in this FOPH document (in French, also available in German or Italian)

  • You have symptoms compatible with COVID-19: A test is recommended.
  • You don't have symptoms, but you got a notification from the SwissCovid app informing you about a contact with a COVID-19 case: A test is recommended. You should wait for 5 days after the recorded contact before you get it.
  • You are in quarantine following a close contact with a case of COVID-19, but you don't have symptoms: A test will be ordered by the competent cantonal service, from the 5th day after the first contact.
  • You are asymptomatic, but an outbreak is under investigation: If this type of situation arises, the competent cantonal service will order you to be tested.


  • You are coming out of a period of isolation: You don't need to be tested.

You have an appointment for an outpatient consultation

Outpatient consultations resumed at the end of April in accordance with essential health and safety measures.

E-health care: an alternative option for our patients

Many of our doctors now offer remote consultations and we are continuing to encourage this service instead of a physical consultation whenever possible. Please contact your doctor’s secretarial office for more information about this option. In an emergency, a medical assessment is available online. 

Consultation time slots

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines and reduce the number of patients in waiting areas, our doctors are increasing the time between consultations.

Be prompt for your appointment

Please do not arrive early for your appointment or wait outside the building if you arrive before your appointment time.

Face masks

If you have a face mask, please wear it for your appointment.

Group classes

Group classes have been cancelled until further notice. We are offering virtual antenatal classes via a video call platform. Please call +41 (0) 22 719 66 39 for more information.

Symptoms relating to COVID-19

If you have typical symptoms of coronavirus, please submit an online medical assessment via the emergency care page on our website before arriving at Hôpital de La Tour. If necessary, you will then be referred to our on-site testing centre, located in the car park opposite the hospital’s main entrance, or to Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). In this case, you will be required to cancel any appointments you may have with us.

In case of questions or concerns

Please contact your doctor’s secretarial office if you have any questions or concerns about your consultation. You can also find further information on our website, under your doctor’s profile or on their medical specialism page.

Cafeteria closed to the public

Our cafeteria remains closed to the public. An alternative offer is put in place in our B2 building.

You have a scheduled surgical procedure

General measures as well as those for outpatient consultations remain applicable in addition to the specific guidelines outlined below.

Symptoms and contact with someone with COVID-19

Please tell your surgeon immediately if you have experienced a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, flu-like symptoms or been in close contact with someone who has had coronavirus (COVID-19) in the seven days before your admission.

In case of questions or concerns

Please contact your surgeon directly if you have any questions or concerns about the scheduling of your procedure. You can also find further information on our website, under your surgeon’s profile or on their surgical speciality page.



Carers and visitors


Patients can be accompanied by one person only, provided that additional support is deemed necessary (for example, you are not physically mobile or treatment means that you cannot drive or use public transport when discharged). This rule has already been adopted in the emergency department and will remain in place. 

Maternity unit

Visitors are still not permitted in our maternity unit, except for the immediate family (partner, brothers and sisters of the newborn). Parents are asked to stay in their rooms as much as possible and limit their movements around the maternity unit and hospital in general. Visitors will be required to wear a mask, with the exception of small children for which it wouldn't be suitable.


Our patients can receive visitors again, but only one person per day is allowed, in the afternoon only, without any time limit. You will be required to wear a mask. In all instances, please cancel your visit if you feel unwell or have symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever.

For all questions concerning COVID-19 and its development

We recommend that you consult the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) website. The site provides a lot of up-to-date information and a 24/7 hotline is available on +41 (0)58 463 00 00.

Information importante concernant le dépistage du COVID-19

Le dépistage du COVID-19 à l’Hôpital de La Tour se fait uniquement sur rendez-vous et selon les directives cantonales en vigueur. Aucun dépistage ne pourra être effectué sans rendez-vous.