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Patients with brain tumours can now benefit from the highest standards of care in stereotactic radiosurgery treatment using HyperArc™ technology at Hôpital de La Tour

Published on 09.10.19
de radio-oncologie de l’Hôpital de La Tour est fier de faire partie des premières institutions en Europe à adopter la technologie HyperArc

The radiotherapy department at Hôpital de La Tour is proud to be one of the first facilities in Europe to use HyperArc™ technology, allowing our team to successfully deliver very precise radiation doses for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).

The concentrated dose of X-ray beams achieved by the dedicated optimiser, combined with the accuracy of the Varian EDGE® linear accelerator (precision within tenths of a millimetre at the isocentre, high-definition multileaf collimator and automated 6D pose estimation), significantly improve tumour control and reduce the side effects related to this type of treatment.

This state-of-the-art technology automatically performs complex non-coplanar treatment plans and considerably shortens the length of sessions to under ten minutes (previously 30 minutes to one hour), thereby improving comfort and clinical use without compromising on patient safety.

HyperArc™ makes it possible to administer radiation to one or more brain tumours and is a very appealing option for our clinicians (Thomas Breuneval, Ambroise Champion) in the treatment of primary tumours and metastases.

Implemented after several months of considerable efforts, this technique represents a major new milestone for the radiotherapy team at Hôpital de La Tour (radiotherapists, doctors and radiographers) that focuses on the continuous improvement of patient care.