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Julien Renard
PD Dr. med.

Julien Renard

Urologist, Neuro-Urologist, Member of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

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+41 22 719 62 27

Consultations by appointment only.

Place of practice

  • Hôpital de La Tour
    Bâtiment B 12
    Avenue J.- D. Maillard 3
    CH-1217 Meyrin

Mot du spécialiste

PD Dr. Julien Renard has led an international lifestyle since childhood.
He attended secondary school in the United States (Lycée Français de New York), achieving a High School Diploma from the University of New York and a French Baccalaureate.
Upon returning to Europe, he studied medicine at the University of Turin in Italy where, after defending his thesis on minimally invasive oncological renal surgery, he obtained his diploma and title as Doctor of Medicine as well as the Davide Teresio Zenone bursary (prize for academic achievement). He then began his clinical specialist training in Switzerland, first as an assistant physician in the Surgery Unit of the Centre hospitalier du Centre du Valais (Prof. Bettschart) and then as a resident at the Geneva University Hospitals in the Thoracic Surgery Unit (Prof. Robert), Abdominal Surgery Unit (Prof. Morel), and finally the Urology Unit (Prof. Iselin). It was in this last unit that he underwent training in his current specialism, ultimately obtaining the title of FMH-accredited specialist and passing the examination of the European Board of Urology (FEBU) in Brussels. Once he was appointed chief resident, in addition to his general and oncology-related urology activities he took responsibility for functional urology, neuro-urology, and urodynamics within the Urology Unit. In June 2016, he became the first urologist in Switzerland to complete the FMH course in neuro-urology after completing a fellowship in Milan in the unit run by Professor M. Spinelli, pioneer of sacral neuromodulation, and at the Nottwil SPZ in the unit run by Professor J. Pannek. He remains the only individual in the Canton of Geneva to hold this title.
In 2017 he was appointed chief physician and cantonal director for functional urology/neuro-urology, as well as deputy chief physician in the Urology Unit of the Hôpitaux du Tessin (EOC). During this period he also acted as associate physician at Geneva University Hospitals, a role he continues to occupy today, as well as at the Hôpitaux Lucernois (LUKS). At the same time, he actively participated in the creation of the Prostate Cancer Center of Italian-Speaking Switzerland, which subsequently obtained certification from the DKG as a center of excellence.

Alongside his clinical activities, Dr. Renard is also active in the academic sphere. He has authored more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been invited to speak at a range of national and international conferences. He is a faculty member at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva (Unige) and for the ‘Master of Medical Science’ program at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI).
In 2021, after defending his thesis on kidney donation by live donors, he obtained the title of Privatdocent at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva.
He sits on the committee of the International Continence Society (ICS), is an international expert on the committee of the Società Italiana di Urodinamica (SIUD), and is on the committee of the Swiss Neurorehabilitation Society (SGNR). He is Head of Extrajudicial Expertise at Swiss Urology (SSU).
In January 2023 he joined Hôpital de la Tour, replacing Dr. Marti.


  • Member of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

  • Member of the European Association of Urology (EAU)

  • Member of the Société Suisse d'Urologie (Swiss society of urology)

  • SSSNM - Société Suisse de Neuromodulation

  • SGNR - Société Suisse de Neuroréhabilitation

  • SIUD - Société Italienne d’Urodynamique

  • Member of the Association des Médecins du canton de Genève - AMGe (Association of Physicians of the Canton of Geneva)

  • Ordine dei Medici del Canton Ticino

  • Groupement des Urologues Genevois

  • CPSI - Centro Prostata Svizzera Italiana

Medical specialties

Languages spoken

  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • German

Professional activities

Since 2019
Member of the Urodynamics Committee Swiss Neurorehabilitation Society (SGNR)
Since 2016
Member of the Neuro-Urology Committee (as international expert) Società Italiana di Urodinamica (Italian Urodynamic Society, SIU)
Since 2016
Head of Extrajudicial Expertise and Pricing Committee Swiss Urology
Since 2021
Privatdocent Faculty of Medicine, UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland
2020 - 2022
Associate Physician, Urology Unit Luzerner Kantonspital (LUKS), Lucerne, Switzerland
2016 - 2022
Deputy Chief Physician, Urology Unit Hôpitaux du Tessin EOC, Lugano and Bellinzone, Switzerland
2016 - 2022
Chief Physician, Cantonal Director, Functional Urology Unit Hôpitaux du Tessin EOC, Lugano and Bellinzone, Switzerland
Since 2016
Associate Physician, Surgery Department, Urology Unit Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
2015 - 2018
Member of the Publications Committee – ICS e-News Editor International Continence Society
2013 - 2016
Chief Resident, Surgery Department, Urology Unit Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
2008 - 2013
Resident, Surgery Department, General, Thoracic, and Urological Surgery Unit Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 - 2008
Assistant Physician Hôpital du Valais, Sierre/Sion, Switzerland
2006 - 2007
Assistant Physician, Clinical Research, Urology Division Ospedale Universitario San Luigi di Orbassano, Turin, Italy

Teaching activities

Since 2012
ECOS and AMC courses, final examinations, thesis supervision Faculty of Medicine, UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland
Since 2021
ECOS and AMC courses, final examinations, Master of Medical Sciences Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland
Since 2015
ICS School of Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology – ICS workshops International Continence Society meetings and courses
Since 2015
Società Italiana di Urodinamica (SIUD) courses and workshops SIUD meetings

Domaine de compétences

Le Dr Renard prend en charge toutes les pathologies courantes en Urologie avec un intérêt particulier pour la gestion des problématiques oncologiques (prostate, rein, vessie), des calculs rénaux avec une expertise particulière pour le traitement des troubles fonctionnels (obstruction prostatique, incontinence, neuromodulation sacrée) ainsi que la prise en charge des vessie neurogènes ou autres troubles urinaires liés à la sclérose en plaque, maladie de Parkinson, lésion médullaire.

Degrees and qualifications

Privatdocent (Defense of Thesis) Faculty of Medicine, UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland
FMH-Accreditation in Neuro-Urology Geneva University Hospitals/SPZ Nottwil/Ospedale Maggiore Niguarda, Milan (IT)
FMH-Accreditation in Urology Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
Fellow of the European Board of Urology European Association of Urology, European Board.
Radiation Protection Expert Accreditation Fondation Prorame, Lausanne, Switzerland
Doctorate in Medicine Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy
1996 - 1997
High School Diploma - Baccalaurèat de l’éducation Nationale Lycée Français de New York, New York, USA

Professional training

Good Clinical Practice Certification Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
Sacral Neuromodulation Proficiency Certification Medtronic, Antwerp, Belgium


Co-Investigator in International , multiple center, Randomized Control Trials Transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for treating neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction: A multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial Effe
Functional Urology and Neurourology: Management of neurogenic and overactive bladder, electric stimulation, neuromodulation, medical treatment (Botulinum toxin)
Bladder cancer - Co-investigator: evaluation of the effect of Pre-Turb intravesical instillation of Mitomycin C (MMC) mixed with TC-3 Gel in patients with non muscle invasive bladder cancer: Technical aspects of radical cystectomy
Prostate cancer - Active Surveillance: Responsible for integrating the data of all Swiss University Hospitals for the Swiss Initiative on Prostate Cancer Surveillance - SIPCAS
Prostate cancer - Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery: technical aspects
Conservative renal surgery: application to living donor nephrectomy, kidney transplant-Kidney cancer


European Congress of Urology (EAU)
American Urological Association Congress (AUA)
Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society (ICS)
Swiss Urology Annual Meeting
Swiss Continence Foundation
Annual Meeting of the Association Francaise d’Urologie (French Urology Association, AFU)
Annual Meeting of the Società Italiana di Urodinamica (Italian Urodynamics Society, SIUD)