Basic Insurance

This basic insurance is compulsory for all persons domiciled in Switzerland. Its coverage is defined by the Federal health insurance laws (LAMal).

Choosing a cheaper health insurance and optimizing the self pay rate is a quick and effective way to reduce your premium. 

All outpatient treatments covered by the AOS (compulsory health insurance) and the treatments covered by the LAA insurance (Accident Coverage Insurance Law) are billed according to the relevant federal classification, at the same rate as in a public hospital.


Private health insurance

In case of hospitalization at the Hôpital de la Tour, it is necessary for the patient to have a semi-private or private insurance coverage. Periodically, agreements with many health insurers are signed to facilitate administrative procedures during a patient’s hospital stay.

We draw your attention to the fact that only private insurance coverage gives you the possibility to select with complete freedom the doctors of your choice, whether they practice in private clinics or at the Cantonal Hospital. It provides the guarantee that you will spend your stay in a private or semi-private hospital room, with a high standard of hotel service.
In addition, some insurance policies also allow you to access additional benefits that are not part of the list of services reimbursed by the basic health insurance coverage.

The important thing is, of course, to choose the coverage that suits your needs and for which you have obtained all the necessary information.

Please contact us for further information either by phone or by e-mail.



Private and semi-private hospitalisation agreements

Please find below a list of insurers with whom we have concluded formal agreements for direct billing:

Swiss health insurances 2019





Groupe Helsana and partners

Groupe Mutuel and partners

La Mobilière, Helvetia, La Nationale et La Vaudoise

RVK, regroupant EGK, Sympany, Kolping, Galenos et Aquilana

Sanitas/Wincare et ses partenaires Zürich, AXA-Winterthur et La Bâloise




Swiss accident insurances

We work with all private LAA insurances and have a LAA tariff agreement, which allows us even to accept patients holding only the mandatory LAA coverage under certain conditions.

International organisations 2019







Cigna (also insurer for WIPO and ITU)


French border inhabitants insurance 2019

Henner-GMC (including Viva Frontaliers)

MMA (before Azur Assurances)

Mobility Saint Honore MSH

Foreign insurances

AETNA Global Benefits

Allianz Worldwide



Bupa International / International Health Insurance Danmark a/s

Cega Air Ambulance

International SOS


Swiss insurances with no formal direct billing agreement 



We do not recommend selecting insurances with restricted coverage; limiting the free choice of hospital and doctor and those that do not provide extensive coverage in case of serious illness. 

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