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The Benefits of Triathlon

Triathlon is a complete discipline, offering numerous benefits which at least encompass the cumulative benefits of the three sports that it combines. The race includes swimming, then cycling, and finally running, in that order. Improving endurance, toning the body, and working on cardio are just some of the benefits of taking part in triathlon. But there are many more besides those. Find out what they are in this article.

Optimize Your Muscles 

Swimming, cycling and running are three sports which all complement each other. So, while running develops the lower body in particular, swimming is especially helpful in strengthening the upper body. The combination of the three sports that make up triathlon therefore enables you to progress in all three but also in an overall sense. The three disciplines together provide a cardiovascular and muscular workout, with each one working different muscles. Like all sporting activities, they have a positive effect on the triathlete’s stress levels. Finally, swimming and cycling are, of course, low-impact sports, which means there is minimal stress on the joints.

Switching up Your Routine Increases Enjoyment 

Varying the sports you train helps you to keep things fun and avoid fatigue. Alternating swimming, cycling and running also helps you to stay motivated. It’s also nice to have a refreshing swim after a sweaty cycling session. Not to mention the fact that swimming relaxes the muscles and facilitates recovery.

Traveling around Your Local Area—and Further Afield

Triathlon is an outdoor activity, which not only allows you to get some fresh air, but also to immerse yourself in different environments. Lakes, forest paths, mountain trails... triathlon allows you discover a wide range of natural settings. And, if you sign up to competitions, you can also discover different parts of the country. Taking part enables you to travel to new towns, have new adventures and take on all sorts of challenges.

Share the Enjoyment of Training

Triathletes often train or race together with other competitors. You can also practice in relay, i.e. a family member or friend who is not a triathlete can join you and just complete one of the three stages of the race. Doing a triathlon with others makes it more enjoyable.
Have we convinced you of the benefits of triathlon? Then why not give it a try? And get at least three times the benefits of your favorite sport!

Our Advice to You: Start out with a short-form ‘beginners’ course, with a 400-m swim, 10-km cycle and 2.5-km run.

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