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MySki - Half-day session to help you return to skiing after an injury

Rebuild your confidence after a skiing injury and get back on the slopes with total peace of mind with the help of a physical therapist and ski instructor

Are you an advanced skier who has recently recovered from an injury and are feeling nervous about skiing again? Do you want to rebuild your confidence and get back on your skis but need advice and guidance for your first day on the slopes? The sports medicine center at Hôpital de La Tour is proud to be a fully accredited Swiss Olympic Medical Center and offers you the unique opportunity to attend a half-day session with a physical therapist to help you return to skiing.

Who is the MySki half-day session for?

The MySki half-day session is for advanced skiers who ski regularly and have recently recovered from a skiing leg injury. Our goal is to make sure that you feel confident skiing on your own again through highly-effective physical and mental training. Please note that this session is not a ski lesson and not suitable for beginners.

Our experts

You will be supervised by a physical therapist who specializes in sports injuries. He is also an experienced ski instructor who is a Swiss-qualified snow sports instructor and a French-qualified sports instructor.

Why choose the MySki half-day session?

The fear of getting injured again often stops skiers from getting back on the slopes after taking time off to recover from an injury. The MySki half-day session aims to give you back the confidence you need to practice your sport again. You will rebuild good habits and practices, allowing you to safely overcome your fear and enjoy skiing again.

Our services

The half-day session takes place in Monts Jura, a ski resort close to Geneva, where you will ski in a group of no more than six people and be closely supervised by our ski instructor. To measure your progress and make sure that you achieve your goals, we will assess your confidence before and after the half-day session using a standard scale (ACL-RSI), which is made up of 12 questions and helps us to see your progression.

The meeting point is the lower Fierney gondola station at Crozet.


This half-day session is 250 Swiss francs. Please note that this price does not include your ski pass; this must be purchased separately before the start of the half-day session.



Telephone: +41 22 719 63 76

Only 65% of patients return to their pre-injury sports level after an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear or reconstruction. The fear of getting injured again is largely responsible for this low percentage.

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