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Sports Medicine Center - Nyon

To meet the growing demands of our patients in the canton of Vaud, we how have a satellite Sports Medicine Center in the heart of Nyon. In partnership with Kenzen Centre, which specializes in sports physical therapy, you can take advantage of state-of-the art services that combine sports medicine and physical therapy with the same high standards as at Hôpital de La Tour.

Our Nyon branch benefits from the Swiss Olympic Medical Center accreditation of our main center, which testifies to our skill and experience in sports medicine treatments for national and international athletes. 

The sports medicine physicians you can see there come from Hôpital de La Tour and have proven experience in providing and coordinating care for both elite and casual athletes. 

Like on the Hôpital de La Tour campus in Meyrin, you will benefit from multidisciplinary care, thanks to local partnerships and services offered in coordination with our main site.

Our services

Our role is to prevent and treat medical conditions and injuries related to sports and physical activity. Please view the web page of our main Center in Meyrin for an overview of our areas of expertise.


Our specialists offer multidisciplinary care in conjunction with various specialists (physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.), depending on your specific needs. In addition to our on-site team of physical therapists, some of these specialists will be available for consultation directly at the Center. The rest will be available at Hôpital de La Tour or through collaborations with health care facilities already established around Nyon.

Our partner - Kenzen Centre

Established in Nyon in 2010, Kenzen Centre is known for its expertise in sports physical therapy and the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Kenzen Centre is the gold standard in the Nyon area for caring for athletes, sports teams and international sports associations. In addition to sports, Kenzen Centre also specializes in treating conditions that are common in musicians.

In autumn 2020, Kenzen Centre moved with us into brand new facilities, which give you access to 6 physical therapists, 2 personal trainers, 2 massage therapists, and 1 sports psychologist, in addition to consultations with our specialists.

The Kenzen Centre site (in French)


The Sports Medicine Center is located next to Hôpital de Nyon. It is accessible by public transportation and there is a nearby parking lot.

Centre de Médecine du sport de Nyon

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Sports Medicine Center - Nyon