The pneumology department of the Hôpital de La Tour focuses on the treatment of the lungs, bronchi, pleura and mediastinum (the space between the lungs). It is led by the pneumologists with the assistance of respiratory physiotherapists, and treats both ambulatory and residential patients.

The pneumology service cooperates closely with the emergency unit, radiology and intensive care departments. A 15-bed unit is specifically devoted to cardio-thoracic medicine patients.

A large array of diagnostic and therapeutic resources are available to the specialists of this unit. Functional tests can be carried out to measure various respiratory parameters, such as movement, volume, gases and blood, as well as respiratory stress tests. Using loco-regional anaesthetic, doctors can perform a bronchoscopy, (bronchial tree examination) using a flexible fiberscope, and, if needed, take a sample or remove foreign bodies. A thoracoscopy, performed under general anaesthetic, allows for inspection of the pleura and analysis of culled samples will help refine the diagnosis.

The pneumology department works hand in hand with the respiratory therapy service. Responsible for cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation, it provides treatment in respiratory physiotherapy and retraining after a heart attack, heart surgery or lung conditions, as well as for patients suffering from chronic respiratory ailments.

It also provides training in the use of medical oxygen for ambulatory patients.

The pneumoloy department at La Tour also works in the field of sleep medicine, which comes within the field of respiratory medicine. Oxymetry or polygraph tests are carried out to detect respiratory ailments during sleep, which may appear in the form of snoring or sleep apnoea. These conditions can be treated with apparatus known as BiPAP or CPAP, which provide relief by means of a facial or nasal mask worn during sleep.

Finally, the pneumology department is actively committed to the fight against smoking, and organizes sessions both for prevention as well as to help patients stop smoking.


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