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Internal medicine

General internal medicine looks after patients with medical conditions involving a complex diagnosis and meticulous organisation of care.

General internal medicine is closely related to medical disciplines that specialise in specific organs, such as cardiology and nephrology. Internal medicine doctors deliver comprehensive care to patients, assessing their health using a range of tests and examinations and providing an appropriate treatment plan.

A central role within Hôpital de La Tour

The internal medicine department plays a key role within our facility. It is renowned for providing fast diagnostic services and the highest level of care. It specialises in treating patients who have not been diagnosed. These patients are often referred by the emergency department.

Our internal medicine doctors follow international, evidence-based guidelines while adapting to risk factors presented by the patient in order to provide a thorough and personalised assessment of their health.

Multidisciplinary care

General internal medicine is based on care from a specialist multidisciplinary team. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis, internal medicine doctors work closely with a wide range of specialists from other fields within our facility, including:

A department open to external expertise

As part of our unwavering pursuit of medical excellence and commitment to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible, we work closely with specialists from other facilities, including those from the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

Using state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, our department is also in regular contact with highly-specialised doctors from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, a leading health care facility in the United States.

We are proud to have worked closely with these distinguished medical institutions for many years. As a result, our internal medicine department has become a medical hub of excellence that is always open to external expertise.

A teaching department

The internal medicine department is recognised by the Swiss institute for postgraduate and continuing medical education (ISFM) for its high standards of post-graduate training. This impressive quality accreditation requires us to meet rigorous criteria.

It also ensures the next generation of doctors promote and continue our medical excellence and high quality of care. Our commitment to teaching junior doctors ultimately means we can spend more time with patients. Our senior doctors take on a supervisory role and are required to keep up-to-date with the latest medical advances in order to meet the demands of the ISFM.

A department committed to sustainable medicine

In order to strengthen and improve our quality approach, we incorporate clinical results as well as medical care processes into our treatment measures to standardise practice.

We also support the ‘Smarter Medicine - Choosing Wisely Switzerland’ movement whose aim is to identify commonly used medical procedures that are not supported by evidence and provide no real value for patients.

Based on the concept that less is more, this movement encourages medical professionals to acknowledge that excessive treatments can sometimes have more risks than benefits for patients. It is an innovative way of thinking and a great opportunity to promote sustainable medicine and patient safety.

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