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Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is designed to improve and maintain the heart health and breathing of patients using a combination of devices, manual techniques and physical exercise. It helps patients with heart and lung diseases as well as those suffering from chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Our goal is to give you the best opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Our highly-experienced team is made up of physical therapists specializing in cardiology, pulmonology and metabolism care. Part of our work involves providing cardiopulmonary support care for patients after hospitalization due to heart or lung disease or if a chronic medical condition gets worse. We also support patients after cardiothoracic and gastroenterological surgery.

We deliver comprehensive bedside care to patients admitted to all departments within Hôpital de La Tour, including the intensive and emergency care units. We also offer a range of outpatient services, from one-on-one care to group rehabilitation sessions.

Our services

We coordinate comprehensive care with a specialist medical team who works together to achieve a common goal: supporting patients in their return to physical activity and improving functional abilities.

Cardiopulmonary function tests

To make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition, we perform an extensive range of specialized tests, including:

  • spirometry (breathing test)
  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • walk test (exercise-induced asthma)

Pulmonary rehabilitation techniques

We offer the best possible pulmonary rehabilitation techniques to improve your breathing and daily use of ventilators while helping you to clear your lungs when necessary, for example:

  • body positioning
  • chest percussion (light pressure)
  • teaching you how to use an efficient and cost-effective ventilator


  • Inspirex: a device for breathing stimulation
  • non-invasive ventilation (NIV): breathing support administered through a face mask or nasal mask
  • cough assist device: clears secretions from the lungs in patients who have difficulty coughing

We use these different techniques to treat chronic pulmonary conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Our five outpatient rehabilitation plans

Our rehabilitation plans aim to improve your symptoms, reduce the risk of relapse and help you to better manage your medical condition so you can live life to the fullest. Each plan takes place over several weeks and includes several weekly sessions.

Multidisciplinary care

Our rehabilitation plans involve multidisciplinary care from the following medical professionals:

  • doctors specializing in cardiology, pulmonology, oncology, endocrinology and diabetes and other fields
  • nutritionists 
  • psychologists
  • nurses
  • specialist physical therapists

Our specific consultations

We also offer consultations for specific rehabilitation plans and comprehensive care for a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  • swallowing problems
  • shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea
  • exercise-induced asthma

Appointments by referral

You must be referred by a doctor for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, for example your cardiologist or pulmonologist. 

Our team will then coordinate your care.

Why choose Hôpital de La Tour?

Multidisciplinary and comprehensive care

At Hôpital de La Tour, patients benefit from the expertise of all our on-site specialists to ensure the highest level of care for their medical condition and general health. Having our specialists in this one location guarantees comprehensive and consistent care as quickly as possible.

Personalized care

We make sure you receive personalized care at all times, working closely with you to set realistic personal goals and support you every step of the way to make sure you achieve your targets.

Our highly-trained professionals

Our team is specially trained in the fields of cardiology and pulmonology. Continuous training programs alongside the determination and passion of our specialists to provide the best possible care for patients mean that we continually strive to update and expand our knowledge and expertise.

Treatment in line with recommendations from leading medical and scientific organisations

We make sure that our care brings together recommendations from the top medical and scientific organisations. We are also proud to have been awarded a number of certifications, particularly for our rehabilitation plans. These impressive certifications require us to meet rigorous criteria and guarantee the highest level of care for our patients at all times.



The secretarial office

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Secretarial Office